30 in 30 with Fitness Matters · Fitness Matters
Day 10
Join us and row as many 30 minute rowing sessions as you want throughout January. They can be followed in any order and fit into your lifestyle as appropriate. Sessions are around 30 minutes including any rest periods so they can comfortably fit into everyday life and are appropriate for all ages and abilities. These sessions are paced against your 2000m pace. An example is below... 2K+18 means that the pace for 500m shown on the monitor is 18 seconds slower than their average pace for their fastest 2000m effort (so for a 8:00 2K – the average would be 2:00 – therefore 2K + 18 would be 2:18/500m) If the guide says stick, then stay very close to stated pace. If it doesn't then you can go faster if possible.

Check this Fitness Matters workout on the ErgZone app: